Fate and future are the great question marks of human existence. You can surrender to them, you can also try to control them. Whether with or without success ultimately depends not only on unavoidable external events, but also on what one makes of them.

Classical literature has handed down oracle sayings, which have often led to horrific prophecy being fulfilled precisely because the person concerned did everything possible to turn the danger away from him. Wouldn't it be better to avoid looking into the future? But then one would also have to suppress any thought of a future and would not be able to make any decision at all. It is much better to think through the possibilities of the future, the consequences of a decision in good time and thoroughly, in order to avoid some, but not all, sources of error. Abraxas can help you with this, he will alert you to possible incidents so that you have time to think before they happen. The clearer you are aware of what you expect from the future, the better you can use the hints. Therefore, it is good to think about fate while shuffling the cards, or even to express clear questions about fate. This influences the arrangement of the cards - otherwise it would hardly be possible to explain that there are demonstrably more predictions than the probability calculus, on whose principles the game is based.

Due to this game principle, it is quite possible that several or even contradictory statements may be in front of you at the same time. Then it is up to you to choose, after careful consideration, which of these you want to accept as a reference for your future. There is also no harm in shuffling and rerouting the cards to get as much clarity as possible.

At the same time you can read in this booklet which myths astrology has used to occupy space since the earliest times, and how some of these myths have found a surprising parallel in the latest astronomical research. Some myths extend over several constellations - color-coded links refer to connection points. These myths go back more than 5,000 years and are full of current deep psychological content, human and entertaining. A wealth of knowledge, not only on astrological fundamentals, is outlined in the required scarcity. We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from this part of the game as well - you will find more about astronomy and astrology, the oldest of all sciences, on the following pages.